Feng Shui is defined as Wind and Water.

It teaches us that all living and non-living things in the world are filled with energy or Chi. This energy flows through us all and connects everyone and everything. 

Understanding the way energy works is essential in Feng Shui. Learning the proper way to practice Feng Shui will allow good energy to flow easily through your life, your home and your work space - while draining the negative energy. 

Lotus Feng Shui practices two schools of traditional Feng Shui that are known to be the most complex and most accurate in our time. These are Form School and Flying Star Feng Shui (also known as Fei Xing or Xuan Kong) using the traditional Lo Pan compass. 

Form School Feng Shui is environmental - it is what you can see surrounding your home/workplace.

Flying Star Feng Shui is elemental - it is what you can feel but can not see and is analysed with the aid of a Lo Pan compass. 

There is a significant science to Flying Star Feng Shui and a consultant who has successfully completed his/her qualifications understands and respects the mathematical formulas required to this science. Do not follow the 'fashion' that is stereotyped in different variations of Asian culture/traditional lifestyles, magazines or even on the Internet that claim to be Feng Shui.

Educate, invest and genuinely prosper the right way... in one of the most ancient philosophies that can change your life.


Energy flows where attention goes.
— Michael Beckwith